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Breast Lift (Mastoplexy)



A breast lift (known as a Mastopexy) is a cosmetic treatment that recontours the breasts by trimming away excess skin and surgically tightening the remaining tissue to result in a firmer, younger appearance. This life-changing surgery is performed for women who have lost breast firmness, size, and shape and who have breast drooping due to aging, significant weight loss, or nursing.


Breasts that have lost elasticity usually need skin removal and tightening surgery to correct skin irregularities and bring the breasts to a perkier position. If your nipples point downward and your breasts sag significantly below the crease line, a breast lift can improve their appearance. If you are considering a breast lift, you should be physically healthy and at a good weight.

Surgical Technique

Breast lift surgery takes usually 2 – 4 hours and is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The timeframe of this treatment depends on the nature of breast size and sagging.


The method used for a breast lift generally falls into two categories based on the location and type of the incision. The anchor technique (inverted-T) and the vertical incisions are the most used types. The incision is first completed, and any loose skin is excised along with breast tissue and fat that is not wanted. The skin is then pulled tight and the breasts are positioned higher and lifted so they look healthy and younger. In many cases, the size and shape of the areola are reconstructed and reduced to match the new placement and shape of the breast. At this point, an implant can be inserted in the breast if this was agreed upon ahead of surgery. If a breast lift is the only procedure being performed and if size and shape are a concern, augmentation surgery with implants can be done at a later date.


Recovery for any type of breast lift is lengthier than surgery with implants only. After surgery, you will be fitted with a support bra to assist with swelling. A thin tube will also be placed near the location of the incision to assist with excess fluid leakage that can sometimes occur after surgery. The post-surgical swelling usually goes away within several days. You will be provided an in-depth, at-home incision care instructions to help with your healing process. Results following a breast lift surgery begin to take shape after several months as your newly shaped breasts take their new position on your bustline. The breasts will feel and appear natural, and you will feel healthy and beautiful.

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