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Head / Neck Tumors


head neck tumors

Whether benign or malignant, simple or complex, BSSNY specialists bring decades of expertise together to treat head and neck tumors.

Our Center for Head & Neck Tumors is comprised of highly trained physicians and surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis and medical/surgical treatment of tumors located in the head and neck. Each has decades of experience with diagnosis and treatment and is dedicated to the compassionate treatment of patients.


Head and neck tumors are those that grow in the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, voice box, salivary glands, or lymph nodes in the neck, thyroid glands, or parathyroid glands. These kinds of tumors can be either cancerous or noncancerous.


Although head and neck tumors can be challenging to treat because they are located so near to the brain and spine, our surgeons are leading experts in this field. Additionally, they are focused on using the most advanced, least invasive methods for tumor removal and treatment, including the use of a surgical laser to spare normal surrounding tissue.


BSSNY patients also benefit from the expertise of radiation therapists, medical oncologists, and speech-language pathologists, who offer the best chance of a cure with the least damaging effects on vital functions such as speaking and swallowing. We believe that the concentration of these well-trained and highly regarded professionals in one center ensures the seamless care of the patient affected by this disease.

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