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brain and spine surgeons of new york performing neurosurgery

At BSSNY, we’re committed to helping patients on their journies to health and wellness.

To us, it isn’t enough to simply take away your pain…we want to do so in a way that gives you optimal results and gets you back to living your life as quickly as possible.


If you’re hurt, we will help fix it. If you’re in pain, we can help relieve it. And if you’re afraid, we offer a caring attitude and the kind of expertise that can help you overcome those fears.


Our surgeons and staff are dedicated to staying on the leading edge of neurosurgical advances. We believe that by having this type of progressive attitude, we’re able to not only give our patients a better experience but also better healing and recovery.


Over the years, as technology has progressed, procedures that once required major surgery and weeks —even months—of recovery can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques. By using these minimally invasive surgical techniques, BSSNY surgeons can help speed recovery, reduce pain, and prevent damage to healthy tissue.

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Anterior Cervical Fusions

Hosted by Dr. John M. Abrahams

For healthcare professionals only!

Monday, October 18 2021 - 1pm EST


Dr. John M. Abrahams will be discussing Anterior Cervical Fusions