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BSSNY Surgeons Discuss Therapies and Strategies for Treating Brain Tumors

BSSNY surgeons discuss

BSSNY Surgeons Discuss Therapies and Strategies for Treating Brain Tumors

Of the 84,000 Americans being diagnosed with brain tumors each year, thankfully about two-thirds of those diagnoses are benign. However, for those diagnosed with malignant brain tumors, there are many new cutting-edge options for treatment and removal from the Center of Excellence at Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York (BSSNY) than ever before.


BSSNY surgeons Dr. John M. Abrahams and Dr. Peter Constantino discussed some of the latest state-of-the-art technology that is breaking ground and finding creative new ways to make treatments more effective.


Knowledge regarding brain tumors has progressed very quickly, and new radiation therapy treatments like the Gamma Knife® have been developed to effectively target certain parts of brain tumors. A liquid solution that patients swallow before surgery has also been a major advance in the field that lights up brain tumors allowing for easier extraction of non-healthy tissues.


BSSNY surgeon Dr. Peter Constantino is also on the front lines of a new treatment that will enable chemotherapy treatments to circumvent the “blood-brain barrier.” Dr. Constantino explains how the ambitious and innovative process could mark a new era for treating malignant brain tumors.


A common misconception about brain tumors leads patients to rush to get the tumor removed without properly researching the best doctors who will perform the most up-to-date treatments. Doing your homework and searching for surgeons who specialize in your specific type of tumor is very important. For example, BSSNY has surgeons that specialize in an array of different brain tumor types such as adult, pediatric, skull base, and even endovascular surgery. Choosing a practice that has specialists in multiple areas is also a huge plus and will allow the patient to benefit from the practice’s collective expertise.


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