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Neuropathic Pain Nerve Decompression Procedures


Nerve decompression Procedures for Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain can be caused by body structures or tissues interfering with nerves or nerve pathways. This interference causes the brain to receive a message of pain. When normal nerve conduction is interrupted by compression or trauma, it can mean years of severe and chronic pain. Nerve decompression for neuropathic pain is a method used to relieve compression by creating more space around the nerve or repositioning the nerve, restoring normal or improved function, helping a person live a life with less pain.




Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Release

In Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Release, the neurosurgeon decompresses the nerve by cutting interfering structures or tissue (usually connective tissue) from around the nerve to “release” the nerve and restore function. A routine and commonly performed example of nerve entrapment release is the surgery to relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome at the wrist.


Other common nerve decompression procedures:

  • Cubital tunnel entrapment release for “tennis elbow”
  • Occipital nerve release for occipital headaches
  • Ilioinguinal nerve entrapment release for groin pain
  • Tarsal tunnel release for foot pain
  • Popliteal nerve entrapment release for shin pain

Nerve Transposition Procedures

There are conditions that allow for nerves to be repositioned in order to relieve pain by bypassing the area where repetitive trauma occurs.


Common nerve transposition procedures:

  • Ulnar Nerve Transposition
  • Popliteal Nerve Transposition

Microsurgical Foraminotomy

In the spine, nerves enter and exit the spinal canal through an opening called the intervertebral foramen. Medical conditions and aging can cause an overgrowth of bone that closes the foramina, constricting the nerves. A microsurgical foraminotomy is a procedure designed to clear out those obstructions, allowing the nerves to regain normal function.

Microsurgical Discectomy

Microsurgical Discectomy is a minimally invasive surgery performed on patients suffering from a herniated lumbar disc. Sometimes called a micro-decompression, this procedure involves making a small skin incision to relieve compression of the adjacent nerve root by removing the disc material that has been squeezed out of the disc space.

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