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American Spine Registry (ASR)

The ASR is a national clinical registry consisting of 85 spine practices including hospitals and major academic health centers. The registry is sponsored by the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons and was established to assess the benefits neurosurgery provides to patients and determine to what extent surgery improves pain, disability and quality of life. Patient reported outcome data and related surgical information is collected for spine surgery patients before surgery, 3 months after surgery, and 1 year after surgery. BSSNY has been participating in the registry since January 2017 and has collected data on 450 lumbar and cervical patients. Results have shown that BSSNY is outperforming the nation in several key quality measures. For example, lumbar procedures performed by BSSNY physicians have a lower operative time and result in fewer complications, and patients undergoing BSSNY’s cervical procedures have a shorter hospital length of stay. Overall, BSSNY patients report better health at 1 year than the national average. We will continue to participate in the registry and look forward to collecting valuable outcome data from our patients.