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Anesthesiologist Talks Pain Management

Surgeon giving injection

Anesthesiologist Talks Pain Management

BSSNY doctors will stop at nothing to help patients that suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is difficult to manage and finding a practice dedicated to helping patients find relief is hard to come by. BSSNY Anesthesiologist Michael Kullman, MD, who joined the practice at the beginning of 2021, is excited about expanding access to a cutting-edge treatment: Ketamine Infusion Therapy. According to Dr. Kullman, the infusions are used not only to treat chronic pain symptoms, but also to help alleviate mental health symptoms. His patients range from new mothers with postpartum depression to veterans suffering from PTSD.


Ketamine Infusion patients are typically referred to BSSNY by other trusted medical experts including surgeons, primary care doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists when other treatments fail to provide relief. Patients initially come into the office every day as ketamine doses gradually increase. Over time, the patients will come in weekly, then every other week, and then once a month for maintenance.


Since demand for cutting-edge chronic pain treatments is growing rapidly, BSSNY is in the process of building a new, dedicated center for chronic pain management where patients can pursue chronic pain treatment options ranging from not only ketamine infusion, but also spine injections, trigger point injections, and medical marijuana.


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