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Article Features BSSNY’s Cerebrovascular Capabilities

graphic of brain

Article Features BSSNY’s Cerebrovascular Capabilities

Aneurysm and stroke patients in our region can be thankful that Dr. Ched Nwagwu joined BSSNY in 2020. A recent article in USA Today online features Dr. Nwagwu – a leading neurosurgeon specializing in cerebrovascular disease – and highlights Dr. Nwagwu’s work, which focuses on blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and spine.


“Most people are familiar with heart attacks and the urgency of needing to repair and re-establish blood supply to the heart in a timely manner,” Dr. Nwagwu explains in the article. “In a similar fashion, we can do that to the brain in order to restore function and potentially reverse the debilitating and devastating effects of the stroke.”


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