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BSSNY’s New Neurosurgeon Offers Minimally Invasive Treatment in Long Island

Dr. Latefi

BSSNY’s New Neurosurgeon Offers Minimally Invasive Treatment in Long Island

The newest BSSNY neurosurgeon, Dr. Ahmad Latefi, opened up the company’s first office in Long Island on August 30, 2021. Well known in the Long Island community, Dr. Latefi has been practicing there since 2004 and is often the go-to surgeon for treating the most complex neurosurgery cases.


His team does intraoperative radiation treatment of spinal metastases with a cement augmentation all in one day, which Dr. Latefi believes he is the only doctor in the United States to work on this type of two-in-one treatment.


Dr. Latefi has also worked with a multidisciplinary team of doctors to remove a very large tumor from a spinal column. A career highlight for Dr. Latefi, the team was able to remove the tumor and the patient is completely cancer-free and back to work.


Also treating patients with more common issues, Dr. Latefi, works with patients suffering from spinal deformity caused by congenital issues, arthritis or degenerative changes, and patients with cervical or lumbar radiculopathy caused by pinched nerves. With these patients, he always seeks to treat the symptoms with minimally invasive surgeries and will often refer patients to receive alternative types of pain management treatment before recommending surgery.


Although he is busy, Dr. Latefi remains available to his patients at all times and regularly encourages them to call him directly. He looks forward to working with new patients and offering the same high level of service at the new BSSNY office in Long Island.


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